What Inspired Margueritte?

Margueritte fragrances are inspired by heritage, stories, sceneries, tales and the cultures of Sarawak Borneo.

Over the century, romance, war, grief and joy had shaped the lovely Sarawak
Borneon culture. Margueritte was introduced in hopes to tell the story, by its unique and nostalgic scents.

Who are Involved with the Development of Margueritte Fragrances?

Margueritte is a product brand by Mariadra Beauty Sdn Bhd, a company originating from Sarawak, Malaysia. Mariadra Beauty is made out of skilled researchers that will ensure the safety and satisfaction of perfume lovers.

Where can I Sample Margueritte Fragrances? Is There a Physical Store?

Currently, Margueritte does not have any physical store, but you can sample the
fragrances at the Ranee Gallery @ the Old Courthouse, Kuching, Sarawak.
Margueritte will also make appearances at artisan market events near you. To find out more on the Margueritte events, please follow our Instagram account at @margueritte.my or sign up to Margueritte VIP Club for updates on Margueritte!

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we do! We are happy to tell you that we provide a flat rate of just $30.00 to ship an order of any size to nearly anywhere in the world. These orders are shipped through USPS.
For faster service, we also offer DHL 2-Day Express shipping. Keep in mind that orders placed after 9 am Eastern Time may ship the next business day.

Also, please note: DHL charges a separate fee to cover the cost of customs for you. Unfortunately, we cannot give you an estimate for this additional cost because it varies from country to country.

International (outside of Malaysia) customers must pay applicable sales tax, duty
and Customs charges. Your local government determines duty and Customs
charges, which vary by country. Duties, taxes and/or Customs fees will be an
additional amount that will be collected upon delivery of your order. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with the exact amount you will be charged. Your order confirmation details only the charges we are collecting. Please contact your local government for specific details.


How do I Apply Fragrance on Me?

Margueritte currently has a line of eau de parfum fragrances that are able to be
used by anyone, regardless of the genders. To apply, we would gently advise for you to follow these steps below:

• Hold fragrance 5 to 7 inches away from body when spraying. If your skin
gets too wet after spraying, you've held the perfume bottle too near.

• Spray your fragrance onto your pulse points, such as the collarbones,
behind the knees and the neckline. These points radiate the scents of fragrances as these points are areas where blood vessels are nearest to the skin.
• Let your pulse points dry without having to rub the fragrance on it.

Are there Any Tips to Ensure the Fragrance to Last Longer?

Eau de Parfum qualities of Margueritte fragrances will definitely ensure the long-lasting effects of scents, but there are definitely tips to ensure further satisfaction when using Margueritte. Read below for the tips:

• Rub moisturiser or petroleum jelly on the pulse points before spraying your
perfume. This will hold the scent longer on your skin.

• To avoid from having your fragrance from changing its original scents,
please only use unscented moisturisers on your skin.

• Perfumes are best sprayed after taking a shower or bath. The scent will
lock better when the skin is moistened.

• For lighter scent, spray the fragrance in the air and walk through it.

• To sample the 'true' scent of your perfume your testing, wait awhile until it
has dried on your skin.

How to Care for My Fragrances?

The quality of the perfume scents could highly be affected by intense heat, light,
and humidity. These three conditions will break down the perfume and lessen the
quality of the fragrance. The best way to store perfumes is to have them be stored in cool, dry spots, away from the window.


Any Safety Precautions when Applying the Products?

Eau de parfums content alcohol, and it is important to be notified that fragrances
containing alcohol should not be used when you are about to do activities that
involves your skin to sweat as this will irritate your skin. Eau de parfums and parfum grade fragrances are those fragrances to be used during colder temperature of the day.

It is also important to avoid the fragrances from being sprayed directly to the eyes,and must not be ingested for any reasons at all. If such things were to happen, please seek for immediate medical attention.

Who should I Contact for more Information Concerning the Products?

Please contact us at marguerittefragrances@gmail.com for product information, product replacements and other inquiries.